Organizational & meetings

An overview of the Organizational activities of the Society for Sound Hearing


The Sound hearing 2030 initiative was first launched at the first general Body Meeting in Bangkok, on the 4th of October 2005, with the support of WHO SEARO, CBM, and focal persons from the SEA countries. The organization was first called the South East Asia Forum for Sound Hearing. On the 12th of December 2008, it is registered in New Delhi under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 with the name "Society for Sound Hearing". Its secretarial office is set up at the Dean's office of the campous of the Maulana Azad Medical College, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New delhi -110002.

(The first General Body meeting of the society for Sound Hearing, held at Bangkok, Thailand)

Meetings 2006-2009

Three General Body (GB) meetings and eight Executive Committee (EC) meetings of the Society for sound Hearing have been in the first term of the organization.

The 1st GB meeting along with the launch of the Sound Hearing 2030 initiative, and appointment of the first Executive Committee members, was held in Bangkok, 4th - 5th October 2005.

The 1st EC meeting was held in New Delhi, 23rd to 24th March 2006 at the WHO SEA office, ad openend by Acting Regional Director of WHO SEARO, Dr. Poonam Khetarpal Singh, who reiterated the commitment of WHO towards the cause of Deafness & SOUND HEARING 2030. This meeting was concluded by announcement regarding the commencement National Committee for Control of Deafness in India by the Minister of Health and Family Welfare of India.

The 2nd EC meeting was held in Bangkok, on the 9th - 10th October 2006. The Healthy Ear District (HEARD) and Less Noise Cities concepts were discussed as well as other Sound Hearing 2030 programs.

The 3rd EC meeting was held along with the The '1st International Conference on Prevention & Rehabilitation of Hearing Impairment' in Beijing, on the 25th - 27th of April 2007.

Profile of Supporting Agencies

  • CBM (External website)
  • WHO (External website)
  • WHO SEARO (External website)
  • International Federation of Otolorayngological Societies (IFOS) (External website)
  • Hearing International 
(External website)
  • Maulana Azad Medical College (External website)
  • IMPACT (External website)
  • WWHearing (External website)
  • International Society of Audiology (External website)