National Committees

Indonesian National Committee for Prevention of Hearing Impairment & Deafness

KOMNAS PGPKT 2030 - Hearing well to be a better being

The Indonesian National Committee for Prevention of Hearing Impairment & Deafness, was established in December 2007. The Minister of Health, Govt. Of Indonesia, is the Patron of the Committee and Dr. Damayanti Soetjipto is the Chairperson. The committee has launched three provincial committees in EAST JAVA, BALI, SOUTH SUMATRA and plans to initiate three more such committees in 2010. It has been carrying out programmes regarding:

  • Awareness of Noise induced Hearing loss, with focus on teenagers and small children
  • City Noise mapping, roadshows, posters, leaflet distribution.
  • Awareness creation amongst the general public
  • Universal Neonatal Hearing Screening Programme implementation, in Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, Surabaya
  • Promotion of Concept of Healthy Ear District and Less Noisy City amongst the policy makers.

Indonesian National Committee Report for the year 2013 (744 KB) PDF File Opens in a new window

Profile of Supporting Agencies

  • CBM (External website)
  • WHO (External website)
  • WHO SEARO (External website)
  • International Federation of Otolorayngological Societies (IFOS) (External website)
  • Hearing International 
(External website)
  • Maulana Azad Medical College (External website)
  • IMPACT (External website)
  • WWHearing (External website)
  • International Society of Audiology (External website)