3rd March: International Ear & Hearing Care day

As per the Global burden of disease report, over 275 million persons in the world suffer with hearing impairment. This represents 4.2 percent of the world's population. Two-thirds live in developing countries. The causes of hearing loss are many and range from congenital causes such as hereditary, maternal rubella, low birth weight etc to acquired causes later in life, such as chronic otitis media. Noise induced hearing loss, age related hearing loss, ototoxic hearing loss etc.

One of the common causes, prevalent mostly in the middle and low income countries is Chronic otitis media. The disease leads to hearing loss and at times can result in life threatening complications, such as brain abscess. Every year, large number of persons suffer with serious consequences due to this disease. Much can be done to reduce the prevalence of this disease including awareness regarding healthy ear and hearing care habits, timely diagnosis and treatment of acute ear infections, prompt detection and suitable management of the discharging ear. These interventions can help to reduce the burden of this disease entity.

3rd March is observed as an 'International Ear & Hearing care day'.

On this day, Sound Hearing encourages all partner organizations to carry out community based activities for promoting ear and hearing care.

Profile of Supporting Agencies

  • CBM (External website)
  • WHO (External website)
  • WHO SEARO (External website)
  • International Federation of Otolorayngological Societies (IFOS) (External website)
  • Hearing International 
(External website)
  • Maulana Azad Medical College (External website)
  • IMPACT (External website)
  • WWHearing (External website)
  • International Society of Audiology (External website)