About SSH

Vision, Mission and Goal

  • Vision: To improve the quality of life in the Asian Region by including in developmental programs the RIGHT TO BETTER HEARING.
  • Mission: To eliminate avoidable hearing impairment by the year 2030 through development of sustainable and inclusive ear and hearing care systems.
  • Goal: The Goal of the SOUND HEARING 2030 program is to reduce avoidable hearing impairment to 50% by 2015 and 90% by the year 2030.


The objectives, goals and targets have been defined along-with the proposed functions and targets.

  1. To raise awareness at all levels within the community.
  2. To promote sustainable and comprehensive ear and hearing health care.
  3. To facilitate the increase of appropriately trained community oriented ear and hearing health care professionals and personnel.
  4. To enhance access to appropriate ear and hearing health care.

Functions, Priorities & strategies

The priorities for this region have also been listed and the strategies have been outlined in order to address these priorities.


  1. To advocate and promote sustainable and comprehensive ear and hearing care, as national health systems development.
  2. To promote the principle and practice of primary ear and hearing health care, as a fundamental aspect of public health intervention.
  3. To facilitate the resource mobilization in the countries for enhancing access to simple and appropriate ear and hearing health carel.
  4. To identify good practices, and to exchange such experience and information on all aspects related to hearing loss and impairment.
  5. To collaborate with national programmes on deafness hearing impairment.
  6. To work closely in partnership with national expertise, institutions, committees, national and international Civil Society, WHO and other development partners in promoting better hearing for all.

Profile of Supporting Agencies

  • CBM (External website)
  • WHO (External website)
  • WHO SEARO (External website)
  • International Federation of Otolorayngological Societies (IFOS) (External website)
  • Hearing International 
(External website)
  • Maulana Azad Medical College (External website)
  • IMPACT (External website)
  • WWHearing (External website)
  • International Society of Audiology (External website)